the adventure continues:- Byron Bay shines its ever-lovin’ light on us…

We decided to head to Brunswick Heads for a couple of nights. The place was a little less insane than Byron Bay is at the moment. The school holidays have commenced in Queensland and the campgrounds were filling fast. Even the former “free camping” places are now “book online only” and limited numbers. Fortunately we were we equipped to deal with what ever was thrown at us.

Watego’s Beach doing what it does best……….

Heading straight to Byron in the morning after a good nights sleep was fabulous. The surf was good and the sun was shining. We could not have asked for a better day. We walked main beach all the way to The Pass and watched the surfers do their thing in the crystal clear water. Swimming at The Pass was fantastic as always as the sun added the colour we both needed to prove a North Coast holiday was had.

Local gun on a nice cruisy roll at The Pass, Byron Bay NSW.

Byron Bay  gives a sense of freedom that is found in some of my favourite classic Aussie songs. Richard Clapton’s “Capricorn Dancer“, Sherbet’s “Summer Love“, Goanna’s “Razors Edge” and Australian Crawl “Oh No not you Again.“. I always felt our artists in the 70’s and 80’s really captured our lifestyle and culture………. 🙂

Love this photo, shine your ever-loving light on me………

We lunched on sublime Sushi and had a beer at Kinoko, my favourite place to eat in Byron. The food is nothing short of divine and the service is simply fabulous. The Byron Bay Cookie Company was next on the list. My British friend Nicola had threatened to disown me if I didn’t take Karine to this “holy place”. We limited ourselves to a half kilogram of the doughy delights, but they were just so so good!

The best flavoured cookies EVER!!!!

We had grilled Barramundi and salad for dinner. I cooked it……..we did not eat out. How can it be a camping trip if you eat out all the time. I also love to cook healthy and simple meals that taste good. Camping does allow this to happen if you are a little creative. The wine was nice and the scrabble game was our best yet………time for a rematch my love love. 🙂

Miss K settling in for the evening with an Australian classic….Evans and Tate, Margaret River Sav Blanc.

It’s a privilege to be able to do road trips that take you to amazing places around the globe. This one was especially meaningful as I could show Miss K around this beautiful and diverse country that I was fortunate enough to be born in.


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