the adventure continues:- Kicking around on a sandstone mound in your hometown……

Epic climbing trips are truly wonderful and insane adventures are also pretty cool, but finding sweet little places in your home town is also very special. Just last weekend I ventured up to the northern most point in Sydney, Barrenjoey Headland Nature Reserve and the ever peaceful Palm Beach. This place is truly beautiful and worth a visit.

Palm Beach and the “Insular Peninsula” as it is known further south…….

We got out early and went for a cheeky bouldering session. Palm Beach has two large boulders perched in the sand right on the beach, 50 metres from the ocean. I had known about these for quite some time, however never made the time to go and play. Well, today was the day! Karine and I took our trusty crash pad and played around for about an hour and a half as the sunshine devoured our skin.

Miss K enjoying the cruisy moderates on the main boulder…….
Higher and higher baby…….its a climbing thing……sing along!!!

There are approximately thirty-five problems across both boulders and the majority aren’t too hard at all. There are a few harder problems for the regular pebble wrestlers, but it’s the location that makes this place great. You can tan, swim and climb all in one place! Sun, surf and sandstone, what more could you ask for in a venue. Soft landings and simple pleasures are the order of the day.

Warming up for some fun in the sun……
Version 2
Taking time out to enjoy the view on the beach……

The brisk little walk up to the top of the headland to checked out the lighthouse that was built in 1880 is lovely. You can take the Smugglers Trail (Grade 3) or the meandering access path that flows through the scrub and is a leisurely grade 2.

Barrenjoey Lighthouse from the access trail..

We wandered around taking in the stunning vistas of Palm Beach, Lion Island and the inlet of the mighty Hawkesbury River. Lunch at a gastronomical marvel in Dee Why named Aubergine completed the outing. Great food! Highly recommend you wandering in for a meal if you are in the vicinity. Dee Why beach across the road for a quick dip afterwards………awesome!

There are many spokes to the wheel of life. First, we’re here to explore new possibilities.

– Ray Charles


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