the adventure continues:- This is a most rewarding and special place.

Well I have to say that getting organised for a huge life change definitely makes you rush around a lot and try and get yourself sorted. Writing has actually been the furthest thing from my mind recently and I am remiss to say…..I have missed it. The process gives me a great deal of time to gather my thoughts and make notes and lists about the things I need to be doing to be completely organised.

Over the last couple of weeks I have organised my long stay visa for France and I have also finalised a lot of my affairs and continued to have catchups with friends. It’s a busy time running around town and driving everywhere. Fortunately for me my friends have been excessively wonderful and they have come to me. I am very appreciative of this as time is now of the essence and I will be leaving these beautiful and sunny shores of my homeland next week.

Coming to the conclusion that you cant see everybody and that there is only so many hours in the day, I realise that nothing has really changed here and my people are doing what they do. I on the other hand have been around the world enjoying life and going through a plethora of change. I am grateful to all of my friends here who have taken the time to catch up and to spend quality time with me….you guys are really the foundation of who I am.

With all that is going on in the world and with all that we are all doing everyday, we always find time to connect and maintain our relationships with each other. And despite distance, time and change, we all come back to the same place……we come back to each other. This is a most rewarding and special place.


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