the adventure continues:- Koh Lao Liang and that chilled Thai relaxin’ thang!

I am sitting here on a little raised platform on a soft cushion with a coffee over looking the Andaman Sea of Thailand. There are lover kissing in the lightly lapping ocean as the sunrises for the first and only time here today. The breeze is light and the vista is breath-taking. There is so much that can be said about this place and the descriptive words that come to mind are seemingly endless. Koh Lao Liang is nothing short of a castaways paradise.

My Office…..this is what working remotely should be about…..anywhere…..anytime

We arrived here three days ago with the intention of doing a little rest and relaxation and a little rock climbing. Lao Liang is situated about an hours long tail ride from the mainland. The pier name is still an unknown to me, but it matters not right now. We are here and it is wonderful. This 400 metres of beach that we are staying on is divine.

Beautiful everyday

Our accommodation is an eight man tent with two very large mattresses, a fan and a light for night vision. The power is all on generators and is only available between 5:30pm and 9am. Apparently five years ago this place was truly incredible and very new, however the upkeep has not been maintained and it is starting to look a little worse for wear. A good injection of funds would help it a lot.

The housing estate on the island…….options are only slightly varied….. 🙂

All this aside my time here with Karine is wonderful and we are swimming, snorkelling and we have been doing   lot of bouldering in the little cave on the western end of the beach. I don’t know whether they are first ascents or not but we are having a great deal of fun. A lovely couple we met last year are here with us and we are enjoying their company incredibly. There are moments of indecision and disagreement but so minimal, mentioning it is really a waste of time.

Karine sending her first route on the island. An unknown 6b

Just being here is enough to make you want to really drop out of society and live a very simple existence. It motivates in a very different way and although living in a tent longterm would be not my ideal, I think that a nomadic life is far more where I am right now. It is a satisfying way to see the world and it is also no less a life than what we live in big cities, it is just different.

Pulling hard on some V something in the Boulder Cave

The climbing here disappointed me a little. From what I had heard it was good and there were many varied routes to try. In total I climbed three routes, being more inspired hanging out in the bouldering cave adjacent to the Bay Sector. We all enjoyed attempting unknown problems and putting up a couple of possible first ascents, although unlikely as people have been coming here for five years now.

Karine being spotted by Maurice in the boulder cave.

I wouldn’t come here for a climbing holiday. There are far better destinations on the planet for that, but I recommend this little island for a great getaway. Its about three star and thats it. The food is ok the beer is cold and it’s a little more expensive than it should be, but none the less its a little touch of paradise.

The Office

I guess I really enjoyed simply swimming in the sea, kayaking a little, watching the fish jump, reading a couple of books and seeing my lovely lady walking the beach in her bikini. These are the simple things in life on Lao Liang…….if I want to have a seriously relaxing break from it all, I would definitely come back here. Its primitive and the place is gorgeous. Come visit sometime, you’ll not regret it at all. 🙂



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