Capturing the perfect moment seems to be the ultimate goal right now.

Moving away from the coast has proven to be a little less satisfying than first thought. The temperatures are soaring in the Mae On district this week and we are experiencing some very hot days indeed. After settling into to our traditional Thai bungalow at Jira Homestay (friend them on Facebook for more info), we have started to settle into our rather well. It makes us feel a little more at home having a routine and some consistency around us, even though we love travelling.

Hangin’ with Damo and Miss K on Tonsai Beach.

It was great to catch up with my mate Damien in Tonsai for a short time and spend sometime just relaxing around Railay, Tonsai and Ao Nang for a few days. We stayed at a great new place called Best Western Hula Hula resort and Spa. This was our little bit of luxury on the way up here. Sometimes you need to be a little spoilt.

There is  a really nice vibe around Jira, with quite a wide range of ages and cultures represented. The young-en’s enjoy the nights sitting around and singing along to a lone ukulele. Bob Marley and Sam Cook sung in slightly slurred voices ring out in the evenings and the words are not relevant: it’s the amount of fun and laughs they are having that counts. Great and very social young bunch of travellers in Southeast Asia for the first time.

The reason we left Tonsai a little earlier than expected.

I have to say the food here is sensational. Nong Yow is the owner here and she knows how to cook! The meals are tasty, spicy if you like and the portion sizes are astronomical. Karine and I tend to share our main meal and a bowl of rice and that suits us fine. Favourites would have to be the deep fried chicken wings and the fried chicken with black pepper sauce: extremely tasty and very much a staple in our diets. The soups are great and the beer is cold.

Our British friend Derek arrived the day after us and its nice to see he is looking and feeling fitter for his time in Thakhek, Laos. He is enjoying his days here so far and sometimes just retires to his room and reads. He politely gives Karine and I a fair bit of space as well. We appreciate this and take the opportunity to spend our time doing yoga, playing scrabble and enjoying each others company.

Derek looking decidedly delirious on the last bolt of Dtang Jai (Conscious) 6c (21) Heart Wall.

So far we’ve had two good climbing days and enjoyed Heart Wall at Crazy Horse Buttress all to ourselves. We have both had slight injuries, so we have been taking it easy coming back into it. Karine’s wrist has been a little sore and I strained my back bouldering on Koh Lao Liang. All seems to be healing well and we are ready to work on our projects now for the next couple of weeks.

Pulling into the roof on “Spaced Out” 7a+ (24) at Heart Wall…….my first project here. Doing well so far.

We are enjoying very early starts so as to not overheat on the walk-in’s and climbing the shade is essential. The great thing about the early mornings is the sunrises here are truly beautiful. I am yet to see a sunset, but I am up early everyday sitting on our terrace waiting for that big glowing orange ball of life to bring in the new day. It is stunning. Capturing the perfect moment seems to be the ultimate goal right now.

The moment when all is good with the world……..

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