Heart Wall -The Jewel in the Crown of this Crazy Horse.

It’s been a week now since arriving here at Jira Homestay and we have been getting out climbing most days. The early start have been a true blessing. The heat has been out of this world. Totally  oppressive and unforgiving. Our favourite crag has been the large, beautiful and very shaded Heart Wall Sector.

Karine resting almost peacefully on “Hot Headed” 6b (19/20) Heart Wall Upper.

It is full of varied vertical value and the difficulties are at best trying at times. No matter what your level you can find something there between 5 and 7a+ to torture yourself on and come away exhausted and smiling. This sector is truly the jewel in the crown of Crazy Horse Buttress in  Northern Thailand.

Lucia putting the draws on “Intentions” 6a (18) Heart Wall Lower.

Two sectors, an upper and lower are the best way to describe the place. It is set in the bamboo jungle about a twenty minute walk from the car park at the main buttress. As you wander up through the bamboo you are transformed back to another time where monks slowly meandered up the same trail to the temple atop this large limestone peak. I always feel like I am in a scene from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

The simple beauty of Bamboo…….

Despite the heavy breathing on the walk in (The incline is quite steep and a little slippery in places). It definitely helps warm you up for the day and you lose weight while you go. I know I have become fitter just doing the 45 minute walk every morning from our accommodation.

Derek on the red-point send of “Conscious” 6c (21) Heart Wall Upper.

Really there is something truly amazing about Heart Wall. I cannot begin to describe the sereneness of the place or the beauty that I see every time I go up there, whether it be to climb or just go for the walk. It is a timeless place, where the sun dapples through teak trees and tall bamboo onto incredible orange and white rock. Where monkeys and owls co-habit and occasionally a small viper will scurry away from the base of the cliff to avoid detection.

Karine cruising up “Intentions” 6a (18) at Heart Wall Lower.

The tranquillity is in high supply and you can at times hear the monks praying if the wind is blowing in the right direction. The pray flags a loft up on high above the top of “Spaced Out” are gently swaying in the breeze and the rustle of leaves is a permanent fixture. There is something truly special about this place, it should be respected, cherished and enjoyed not only for the climbing, but also for the peace of mind it brings to all who wander its trails.

The author on the red-point send of “Spaced Out” 7a+ (24) Heart Wall Upper.

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