A beautiful garden is the pathway to peaceful existence.

It’s been about five days now that, I have been in France. Adjusting to the drastic change in weather has been a little tough, but all in all I am really happy to be here. Boursonne is blooming right now as Spring has sprung and the flowers are exploding with colour in the forest and gardens alike. What can you say other than it is simply stunning here right now?

Blooming backyard of Boursonne.

I am staring out of the porte fenêtre (windowed doors) that lead to a small terrace and down onto the beautiful lawn thats the backyard of my residence for the next many months I am here. The wood pile has expanded drastically since my last visit and the cherry trees are in full bloom. It is truly a sight indeed.

Version 2
A Room with A View……in Boursonne.


I could not be more at peace right now as I sit and wonder what the next twelve months will bring. It is exciting, it is a little scary and yet I am feeling very very relaxed. I think back a couple of years when I ventured out to explore the world and go on what would be some incredible adventures and I am resolute that my time exploring is far from over, however right now there is a “pause” occurring. It is a pleasant change from my regular “on the go” lifestyle.

Version 2
A refreshing cycle through the countryside helps pass the time healthily.

I have, with the assistance of Karine’s dad Jean-Claude, set up a little training area with a BAM hang board and a TRX suspension training system.I am happy to be able to continue to train and keep some sort of regularity in my fitness regime. I have always liked to workout, but this is much more demanding for me. I am looking forward to seeing the gain from the pain.

Version 2
The pain centres humble beginnings.

I am reading a little more than I have previously whilst here. Sitting in the garden is a pleasant place to relax and absorb a good book. Although I wouldn’t call it “a lite read”. Aristotle’s “The Nichomachean Ethics”  is my current venture and I am enjoying it greatly. Philosophising on happiness has been around a lot longer than we think and it’s a great read to broaden ones view. It makes me think a little and underline some of the commentary too.

Version 2
Canola fields glow in the sun with the town beyond.

I also endeavour to maintain my studies of French on a daily basis, spending between one and two hours of an afternoon working on different aspects of the spoken and written language. I am really excited about this as I have wanted to learn another language for years. It’s just a matter of spending the time doing it. You can only really fail if you do not try……….right?!?

Perfect Light.

Whilst it is a quiet place to be I am busying myself with many pursuits and enjoying this bucolic life. Not much happens here, but there is a sense of calm that floods over you when you arrive and really allow yourself to just settle in. Right now I could not be a happier man.


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