What I needed was a good dose of “Comfort”!

This particular article is not really a travel blog as usual, but more of an insight into what’s happening on a daily basis whilst I become accustomed to living and breathing another language and living in a completely different country on a long-term basis. Its also about having epiphanies and small wins that keep me smiling and content.

A couple of days ago I ended up in a really horrible mood and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why. I had woken up quite happy and ready for another day. Keen to train, study, read and basically enjoy my day. After breakfast I began to feel frustrated and a little bored. I didn’t understand this at all, as it’s a rare thing for me. I was really out of sorts. My mood was affecting everything and everyone around me, or so I thought. I was so wrong. They didn’t even know what was going on as I was spiralling further into my bad frame of mind.

Later that afternoon I had arranged to speak to a very dear friend from home as she was in the UK visiting relatives and the time zones not so disparate. It was after this conversation that I realised my whole frame of mind had changed completely and I was out of my foulness and moving mentally freely once more. What had changed? What was the trigger for this sudden shift?

It took me about a half hour to realise it, but I had been living outside of my “comfort zone” for the last week. Different language, different country, culture, environment and relying on one person as my soul source of refuge to speak to. This I must say was a revelation. It was this realisation that helped me recover from my troubled state of mind.

What I needed was a good dose of “comfort”! And thats what I got when I was talking to my friend from home. I was speaking my mother tongue with all the slang and familiarity I was used to and it was like we were sitting in the lounge room chatting. I needed to listen to my music, watch a little bit of my TV (don’t like it much at best) online of course and simply be.

It was an epiphany I had and it was what I needed. I now know that sometimes we all need to walk away and really “get our normal on”. I hadn’t realised this was what I needed! I had been listening hard, thinking hard and trying hard for an extended period in my “learning zone”.

The learning zone is a great place to be, however it is important to step off regularly and allow your brain to relax, recover and process all it has been taking in. Staying out of your comfort zone too long will show you very quickly where the “Drop Zone” is. You may become extremely overwhelmed and anxious, or simply just become frustrated and grumpy for no known reason. Being aware is of the utmost importance.

Some years ago (17 years in fact) in my life as a corporate person for a large institution I was sent on my first training course. The course was to help understand how to deal with and process our stress and anxiety whilst still working effectively and efficiently. Today and everyday I am using the techniques learned in that course to manage my daily life.


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