Kalymnos Kalimbing…….Tired and Tested, Relaxed and Rested!

So, a little time has passed since my last burbling’s and a lot has occurred here on our tiny island home. We have had friends come and go in the last couple of weeks. We have climbed a lot and tried to rest a lot as well. Climbing continually does take a serious toll of the body at times and the walk-in’s we have been doing have zapped some power as well. Some of them have been up to 50 minutes and mostly up hill. Tiring stuff indeed.

One exciting thing has been the very big release of a lot of backed up emotional stuff that has been inhibiting me for the last couple of weeks. As much as I hate to say it, its better to process these feelings than not at all, as the blockage can create other limitations and health issues that I don’t really want or need. Karine took me on a beautiful long walk on the island of Telendos to clear my head and regain a little positive flow.

Saint Constantine’s Chapel……….

We walked up to Saint Constantine’s Chapel on the North ridge of the island and just enjoyed the walk and the vista looking back over Kalymnos. It is a beautiful spot and the ruins of the Byzantine settlement literally eighty vertical metres below it, are truly amazing. The chapel is the smallest I have seen here and the frescoed dome is almost unrecognisable. I am not sure of the age, but I will go with ancient.

The smallest chapel I have seen yet!….YEP! Thats It!

Our friends Nic and Dave turned up from the UK and we had a great time seeing them although they were a little disappointed with the weather as it was a little shit for the two weeks they were with us. Nic and Dave’s lovely daughter came out as well and unfortunately did her shoulder a few days before leaving which put a real dampener on the trip for them.

Miss K relaxing and recovering after the crux on “Spice” 6b+ (19/20)……..

While all this could sound a little negative, I have to say a lot of positive things are occurring in general on this trip. Growth is never a negative thing and progress is always a good thing. While I did get a little down about things recently, I have gained a lot and had a major breakthrough in my motivation and attitude. I am grateful and excited for this.

Arriving here a little unfit and after not climbing for a month, it took some time to get back on board as such. Now our fitness is great and we are both climbing well and sending projects quickly. Karine is cruising the majority of the 6b’s (19/20’s) she is climbing and sent her first solid 6b+ (20).

Success is a true definer of achievement……well done lovely.

I have on-sighted my first 7a for the trip and ticked another very quickly. Yesterday I sent my 100th pitch for the trip and was surprised to find this out when I logged my routes for the day.

Pulling into the steepness of “Arion” 6c+ (22)….it was harder than the 7a (23) at the same sector……LOL!!

All in all it has been a good trip and the conditions have allowed us a little time for other things too. We really do have a “second” home here, although we really don’t have a first home at the moment……Right now I am smiling to myself and laughing a little. All of this will come in good time and when it does we will be happy with our decision, but right now we must enjoy our time and continue our journey. 🙂


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