We all need a little routine and an occasional project to be content………

While settling back into “normal” life for a while and organising our next little jaunt down to the south of France, I have also resumed my french studies and am re-acclimatising myself to the way of life here on a day to day basis. Like the beautiful fresh veggies from the garden and the walks in the forest after dinner at night. Its daylight here until 10pm at the moment……….its wonderful!

Organic fruit and vegetables…….fresh from the field.

There are so many things that I have taken for granted previously that I now need to go and purchase so I can get some sort of simple routine going. I need electric hair trimmers, running shoes, casual clothes that aren’t used for climbing and I am even considering buying a cheap bicycle, so I have some mode of transport and a way to keep my cardio fitness up.

These small things cost a little but they are things that make life a little happier for me. Oh…don’t for one minute think I am not happy with my life……I love my life incredibly and I am happy.

Our lovely little home for a while………..

I also thought it would be a good idea to have little projects that I can do to keep myself occupied during the day. So K and I recently cleaned out the attic in the garage. As soon as I saw it I thought…..hmmmm I could build a climbing training wall in here!

I wonder how that would go down? Well, it went down rather well and now I am designing and building a little training area for Karine and I to play on.

This is the very clean garage attic that will become our little training area……

We recently caught up with Karine’s niece Marie-Lou, who told us about her French language tutor. Marie-Lou’s tutor also teaches French as a foreign language (C’est tres importante), so K called her and I now have a language tutor that is not far from home. I am very excited about this as I do want to speak French well. Who would have thought I would learn a new language at 50?!

So, to be honest life is now about settling for a while and finding goodness in the simple things. I know what its like to be stressed out and to be seemingly fighting for every inch of my being, but now its about simplicity. Doing the simplest things that help me remain intact and happy throughout the days, months and years ahead. It’s not planning for some traditional version of the future, it’s living and learning daily and being grateful for what I have.

Simple pleasures……….

These little projects allow me to learn new life skills. They also allow me to work on my weaknesses. To problem solve more efficiently and importantly how to communicate more clearly. These are my goals for the coming period of time. How long that will be…..Who knows?!?!


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