Dining in France…………..Everything I had heard and more……..”Les Sens” est superb!

Anyway after a couple of days in Nice, Maurice and Ingrid have arrived to pick us up and return to their place……and they have also sorted out where we are having dinner with them tonight. Apparently Ingrid’s friend Gauvin owns and runs a nice little restaurant in downtown Nice that we are dining at. We arrived early and were welcomed with open arms. Talk about great “southern hospitality” in France.

“Les Sens” is a stylish place with elegant uplighting creating just the right ambience in the entire dining area without being over bearing. The staff were attentive and seemingly quite happy in general and they do know their product line indeed. They are social and very funny in a good way to deal with. It makes the dining experience so much more entertaining when you have great people looking after you.

Gauvin made us feel so welcome and at home…….

We started with a beautiful and very delicate “amuse-bouche” of ginger infused carrot puree. I thought if this is the appetiser then the meal will be incredible. I followed with a “duck foie gras” with “green beans” and a main of “cod fish with roasted capsicum, vegetables and lemon mousse.” Dessert was “deconstructed black forest cake.” Karine ordered a very nice local bottle of “Bandol Rouge” which complimented the entire meal.

Duck foie gras with green beans and lemon infused cream……
Cod fish with roasted capsicum, vegetables and lemon mousse……….
Black Forest Cake……….deconstructed.

To be honest I don’t remember the names of each dish as it has been over a week since we dined there, but I will say quite honestly that it was one of my top 5 dining experiences ever. The atmosphere, the company, the staff and their knowledge made this a truly wonderful experience.

The beef was apparently superb…….
How do you describe this??………..Perfect!

I must without hesitation, say the food was truly incredible. This is five star dining in Southern France. It is everything that I have heard about amazing food in France and more. The place deserves a Michelin Star and if you are ever in Nice be sure to make time and a booking to dine in this purely boutique eatery.

To Gauvin and the staff who looked after us “Merci beaucoup “Good Humans” et bonne chance avec votre restaurant”…………………..


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