You can’t do it all in a day………Gorge du Blavet………

Maurice and I relaxed into the morning with a tasty simple breakfast and a few coffee’s to kick start the heart. Our lovely ladies were in the process of getting ready for two hours of yoga and we were preparing our minds for a day of vertical enthusiasm. I was excited about climbing today although my head was a little pre-occupied and I was feeling anxious and tentative about a few things outside of the sport. This did not deter us from our goal and its important even when feeling pangs of fear….“Do It Anyway”!

We quickly packed and headed out into the unusual June heat. It was ridiculously warm for this time of the year but we were going and thats all that mattered. We loved climbing together and Maurice was keen to show me one of the more unique local crags. Actually it was his “local crag”. A short forty minute drive away.

I would love to get on this line……..would need a month or more I think LOL……..7c (27)……just awe-inspiring.

We arrived at about midday and the sun was belting out its intense rays as we walked into the crag. It was truly beautiful and when I stopped long enough to look, I was staring at the most stunning pink and orange rock I had seen since being in Enchanted Rock in Texas. The geologic was type: Ignatius……It is volcanic and created with rapid cooling of molten magma.

I was now really excited to have the opportunity to climb on yet another rock type. This is the stuff that improves you and humbles you all at once. It’s both a blessing and a curse to be out of your comfort zone…….On a regular basis I have become quite used to experiencing life this way. I hope I continue to grow and learn like this…….It’s tiring but totally worth it!

Maus……happy in his local forest.

We warmed up on a simple link-up that traversed the majority of the first cliff and rather than have a bad time cleaning the route I seconded it to make it easier for all involved. Then we launched up a 6a+ (18/19) that had a bouldery start and was stunning to the anchors. The rock felt like granite, but not quite. I was feeling a little heady and knew I needed to take a whipper but that was not going to happen right now.

Maurice suggested we do this 6c+ (22) he had tried a few times and I said “Sure…..Why not!” So off we walked up into the forest a little further. Maurice pointed at the wall and I looked up and what I saw was a stunning line. Diverse in style, technical in nature and truly aesthetic. I was excited and nervous all at once. As I said previously my head was not good and clear. However I go on anyway.

The beautiful and unique geology of Gorge du Blavet…

Maurice put the draws on and got ridiculously pumped on the way through the first section and then proceeded to finish the route. I tied in and started to climb up through the dihedral section and found it really out of style for me. I got nervous and sat on the rope to get my head calm. I continued on up to just below the crux and sat again. I tried the crux and BOOM!!! Off I came, squealing as I fell. I was scared for the first time in a long time and Maurice said he heard fear in my voice that he had never previously encountered.

I got back on and completed the route. I was pleased that I fell, pleased that I got back on and really pleased I pulled the crux and finished the route easily. My head felt clear and my body was more relaxed. Before lowering off I took some time to breath and took a photo of the Gorge du Blavet. Oh yeah, thats where we are climbing by the way…….Gorge du Blavet.

Sitting atop the 6c+ breathing and taking in the vista…..stunning.

Maurice tied back in and executed the route flawlessly, finally ticking off his project and being very happy about it “indeed”! I was very happy for him as he is really motivated and loves our sport with great passion. I decided not to get back on as I was feeling very fatigued and wanted to just chill. We didn’t really climb a lot, but we had a great day hanging out in the gorge and catching up on a lot of the “going’s on” of life. I do enjoy Maus’s company greatly………”Good Human”.

I will return to this place very soon with some good friends from “the land downunder” and try more of the routes here. They are vertical, technical and require a little “cha cha cha” to execute them well. About this…………I am truly excited.

They’ll just smile and give me a Vegemite sandwich.


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