Champagne!…….Sort of says it all really.

Hello again everyone!! Please accept my apologies for neglecting you all over the past couple of weeks. Things here in France have been a little busy with all the secret plans afoot. I have to tell you what we did a couple of weeks ago. Before we went to Kalymnos, Karine’s parents asked us if we would like to go to the Champagne Region with them for a day out. Well, as you be thinking…..We jumped at the opportunity.

The heart of the Champagne Region.

Travelling out through the northern French countryside is truly a “vision splendid”. The wheat and sugar beet fields in stark contrast to the clear blue sky. Tiny hamlets and middle age villages dot the landscape with only an occasional steeple indicates signs of life from the motorway. The trip out takes us about an hour and a half.

Millions of bottles a year are produce in this region. Here’s why.

Coming into the region is instant, the hills become more apparent and the cash crop is truly obvious. You can see nothing but vineyards forever. It looks lush and beautiful. Signs begin to appear for the multitude of venders selling their wares. Dom Perignon, Moet and Chandon and where we are headed J.M. Gobillard and Sons.

Sort of says it all yeah?!
My favourite producer. Just lovely full flavoured bubbles.

We arrive in a little village, where will have lunch before our organised tour begins. The restaurant is a distinctly modern affair with a large terrace covered in tables and accompanying umbrellas to keep the sun at bay. The food is ok and the mineral water the same……hahahaha…..saving ourselves for the tasting a little later in the day.

The crop blossoming in the beautiful European Summer.

After a short drive we arrived at J.M. Gobillard and Sons. We re welcomed and directed to the bus. After a short drive back to where we came from we alight and begin our tour. Walking through the vines is a lovely experience. Karine lovingly translated a lot of the information being shared by our guide and we laughed along the way, enjoying being there.

Baby Bubbles…….YAY!!!!

Seeing the different stages of growth and the ancient vines of Moet and Chandon was a real treat. I have tried a few of the “so called” high end Champagnes but I was not a huge fan until I tried J.M. Gobillard and Sons. It is really very nice and very reasonably priced. Our tour continued for about two kilometres through the old estate and village, where we met the bus to return to our starting point………….The tasting shed.

The happiest hardware ever!!

Walking to the bar and seeing all of those beautiful bottles of bubbly was just so cool. We sampled a few of the vintages and the varietals we all divine. What more can be said other than if you don’t go to Champagne for a day, you will miss out on a big part of the French experience.


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