Gratitude…… just simply felt like the next “right thing”………

I can’t help but feel incredibly privileged. Whilst writing this article I have just spent the last month with one of my best mates (yes you Michael) and his lovely missus (you too Robbie). They have been a source of continual support as I have embarked on a long journey of growth and change. They have listened, spoken and followed intently as I have wandered sometimes lost into the new world I now inhabit.

I am also blessed to have had some of my longest serving and dearest friends fly half way around the world to witness Karine and I wed one another. This is something that I will be eternally grateful for. These people are my true rocks and they are solid.

Meeting someone who you love waking up next to everyday and that you know without fail sees your deepest and darkest sides and just simply holds you tight and tells you it is all good.

An equal if you will, to share all of the delights, dramas and dilemmas life has to offer. Together we can resolve all that is presented to us.

Our wedding day only brought us closer.        – photo Viviane Roch 2017

Marrying Karine just simply felt like the next “right thing”. There was no doubt in my mind that I was doing what I wanted. I have sometimes through my time doubted many decisions, but this was not one of them.

I am eternally grateful and very appreciative of all that Karine, my family and my friends both old and new bring to my life. Without you I would be a lesser man and life would be very different I am sure.

The contentment with which I wake up everyday now is rarely over-shadowed by doubt or disappointment, fear or frustration or worry about the future.

I am here and it is now………….and my journey continues.

B.A.L.A.N.C.E……….It all comes down to it.

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